What is Arker?

Arker is a Brazilian technology company pioneer in the South American Trade Promotion Management market. Arker tailors its solutions to address CPG companie’s need to optimize their sales planning and trade promotion investments

Topline AOP planning – Integrate sales and trade promotion planning and execution in the same tool. Arker offers an end-to-end platform designed specifically for Sales and RGM with a friendly user interface.

Effective trade promotions – Ensure that temporary price reduction promotions (TPRs) follow guardrails designed to meet your strategic objectives. Arker offers workflows to give you visibility and control along the entire promotion lifecycle.

Pre and Post promotion ROI KPI – Make better decisions when doing sales planning and negotiating with customers. Arker helps you understand how volume and price points impact the return on your promotion investments.

One source of truth – Consolidate all information relevant to sales and trade promotion to help you identify the best performing customers, categories and products, to create the most effective strategies

Improve cash-flow and speed-up deductions disputes – Centralize promotion deductions documentation and have it readily available to resolve any potential settlement disputes.

Arker’s toolkit can assist in managing long term agreements, define baseline sales forecasts, analyze and optimize your investments.


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